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by @boxadessin

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Hop on board to discover amazing art treasures in a monthly subscription, inspiring you to create.

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“I use Upcrate to fuel my creativity and experience new art supplies. Each crate is like a little treasure chest I find on my doorstep every month.”

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#upcrate23 July 2021

Featured artists we worked with

These are 4 of the many artists we have worked with in the past. Each of them come with their own unique styles, knowledge and preferences when it comes to art supplies. They curate the contents of their monthly box to make sure that all the materials work well together. Don’t forget to check them out and shower them in love!


Let’s draw as one.
Let’s connect worldwide
and live art together


Take part in our online challenges and get a chance to win great prizes! Every month a new topic awaits to inspire you!

TOPIC: Colorless beauty


TOPIC: Crystal clear


TOPIC: Magical fantasy


Win great prizes every monthE.G. 60 Rembrandt Soft Pastels

How to participate:

1.Open the upcrate
2.Cut out the battle card, find out about this month’s battle theme and use the materials from the Upcrate for your piece.
3.Take a photo with your art and the Battle Card and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #upcratebattle!

Check out all the amazing #upcratebattle entries on Instagram!

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